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“Hi Jenny, thank you for the clearing you did at my Mum’s house several months ago. I’ve stayed there a few times now and there’s been no activity. Other family members have felt the same. The house feels good. Thank you sincerely. V & family.” ~ Central Coast NSW ~ visit clearing and family healing ~ October 2019

“The House Clearing & Mini Healing Session were fantastic; we can really feel the difference in the house & the land. It is so peaceful here now; I actually want to spend more time being here. I was feeling quite stressed & angry prior to the clearing & now that has gone. Thank you, Jenny, I would recommend you to anyone who has never had their house cleared or feels like the house just isn’t as peaceful as it should be & there is something off, the clearing/healing really makes a difference”. ~ K.W. ~ Central Coast NSW ~ visit clearing and family healing ~ July 2019.

“Thanks for the report and information. It was great to meet you and John yesterday. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for M and I and my house. It was not until I finally stopped on Friday evening and lay on the couch did I feel an immense sense of lightness within the house. Almost like a huge weight has been lifted or a fog has cleared. M had the same feedback today after a peaceful night’s sleep. We can both feel the absence of the spirits and both of us are totally re-energised and happy that we helped two lost souls cross over to where they belong. What you and John did was truly amazing and my brief encounter with another world leaves me somewhat in awe of the work you both do. Above all, you made my first paranormal experience “normal’. No nonsense, direct and succinct, you enabled me to rationalise what I once would have believed to be irrational. Kudos and credibility to you! :)” ~ S.H. ~ Sydney NSW ~ visit clearing and family healing ~ October 2018

“Dear Jenny, many thanks to you for visiting the house yesterday and working on removing the lost souls and the negative energies, I am most grateful for your time, wisdom and energy. Also, thank you for the comprehensive report; it is very interesting to read back over your findings! Best wishes.” ~ C.T. ~ Ryde, Sydney NSW ~ visit house cleansing ~ December 2011

“Thank you for your amazing work! I am so blessed having you come here.  I am feeling I am on the mend.   Even my 3-year-old son is much happier and bouncing thru the place now! And LIGHT has come in to my relationship and all in the house!  I can feel the difference. Even start liking being here.  AND when I slept yesterday afternoon in the little sun-room – it was rather peaceful!”  ~ C.P. ~ Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW ~ visit clearing and family healing ~ March 2011

“Thanks so much for taking the time to come and see us. I can’t thank you enough. I actually feel like my old self again. I feel amazing! My friends at work even commented that I had my mojo back and they had no idea what was going on at my place! My husband has also noticed the difference.  It’s hard to believe that something so unfathomable can have such an impact on you. Now that it’s gone, I felt like I was carrying it around on my back, it was such a burden!  I will be recommending you if I ever come across anyone that needs help. Thanks!” ~ Shannan ~ Sydney NSW ~ visit clearing and family healing ~ February 2010

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