Space Clearing-Remote/Long Distance

“I have known Jenny and her fantastic work for about 10 years now. I have had the blessing to receive her space clearing in different homes, energy and spiritual healing for myself and family, and J’Seals and implant removal. The results are amazing. Jenny is a professional, loving, and caring person who takes her time to offer her light and love to humanity. A light worker. I am also very blessed to receive daily emails with loving messages and guidance. I truly recommend “Healing Places” and I am very grateful for all Jenny’s help and guidance though the years.” ~ remote space clearing ~ L.A. Burswood WA, Australia ~ February 2024

“The space clearing works which Jenny performed at my house has been nothing short of life-changing. She came across as really professional from the very beginning during our email exchange. She was also very approachable, compassionate, kind and simply brilliant from start to finish. I went from being scared of everything in my own living space to being peaceful. Having previously worked with various mediums and psychics before to solve the ongoing issues in my house, I was able to compare, and I can say that Jenny’s work was very much superior and more thorough to what had been previously done. Even my cats felt more relaxed and a new (unexpectedly) nice neighbour moved in! I will keep booking Jenny over and over again for the amazing work she did for me. Thank you again!” ~ remote space clearing ~ V.R. London, United Kingdom ~ January 2024

“Hi Jenny! A big thank you for your support with my healing before and after my recent surgery and also for the cleansing and clearing you facilitated of the hospital, for the staff, all the buildings, the people and in the general area with releasing all the associated negative energies and replacing with Our Creators Love and Light energy. Everything went well, and I am now on the road to recovery. The Surgeon is very happy how it all went and I am too. Thank you, Jenny” 💐~ remote hospital clearing ~ L.R. Newcastle NSW Australia ~November 2023

“Thank you, Jenny, please publish my glorious gratitude for your helpful and supportive✅✅✅ clearings forming positive light💡Always love and appreciate all you do kindly yourself; fan Louisa”❤️💗♥️ ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ L. & I. ~ Sydney, NSW Australia ~ June 2023

“Thank you for all your help Jenny; you have helped me so much more than you will actually know. I really feel like I can move forward with out fear. I am so grateful  xx” ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ M.J. ~ Central Coast, NSW Australia ~ May 2023

“The work you have done with the house is amazing! The toxic and heavy energy is gone, everyone feels so much better. There is a huge shift with the energy within the house and everyone who lives there feels much more positive and happy. The detailed and in-depth report is excellent, it explained everything that has been going on and what you did to clear it. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing gift you have, it is life changing!” ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ M.D. ~ Oxford, Canterbury, New Zealand ~ January 2023

“After the cleanse the house felt brighter, lighter, newer, more spacious, like a new home.  My husband described the house as “volume-ness” – more air space.  Our daughter visited and said the house felt “free-er”.   With ease we did lots of cleaning and culling both before and after the cleanse.  It is lovely to live in a space that feels lighter.  Thank you Jenny”.  ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ M.S. Toronto NSW, Australia ~~ January 2023

“Dear Jenny, your clearings have created a pureness and clarity within all in our space and around us. ❤️ You have given us so much joy and love from you have performed in your sessions for our family. 💜 You help me disconnect from a toxic family situation which was making me ill so I now have my sanity and can breathe again after the clearing and healings. ♥️ Your work is totally valuable and has changed my life for the better 🎉As I said I can breathe and be free again. 🎀 Love L xx ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ Sydney NSW ~ July 2021

“I honestly cannot thank you enough for all of the work you did yesterday. I’m not surprised with what came up in your report. It’s been a rough few weeks for us to say the least. Thank you for the messages you passed on. It’s definitely interesting times we’re living through and we’re learning some very big lessons along the way. We’ll be very careful moving forward. Thank you for the protection protocol. We’ve added it in to what we’ve already been doing. I am starting to feel better emotionally and had a much more restful night last night. The business is starting to flip back too. We’ve taken a bunch of bookings in the past couple of days so things feel like they’re getting back on track. Thank you again Jenny. The work you do is incredible”. Love L x ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ Newcastle NSW Australia ~~ February 2021

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as our house feels cleansed and has a lightness to it when being here. I’ve noticed my daughter sleeping better through the nights now and that has been an obvious shift as she is very sensitive to energy. ~~~ I’m truly grateful for the communication throughout the process and for the detailed documents received afterwards that are very handy and helpful. ~~~ Again, I thank you with love and gratitude” ~ A.P. ~~ Sydney, NSW Australia ~~ remote house clearing ~~ January 2021.

“If the walls could tell a story! And this old Queenslander did have a dark story to reveal. In 2017 two Aboriginal women were organised to do healing work on this very old Queenslander house. We discovered this property had been a holding house for many Aboriginal slaves. It had also had many owners and tenants since so there had been many inhabitants of this house. They did a house cleansing on the property and it helped but it was not complete. I could still sense at times a negative energy. ~~~~~ From the moment we moved into this house there were problems. Both my husband and I have had numerous accidents around the house, falling over, down stairs and off ladders. Our renovation was fraught with delays, difficulties and bad trades persons. The house seemed to have a strange and unique energy of its own. ~~~~~ After having a dream about a spirit in the house; and later falling backwards off a very small step ladder, where I had felt an energy on my shoulder, I decided I had to act. I contacted Jenny and within a week she did a miraculous house clearing and a healing on my husband and I and our cat Bella Faith. ~~~~~ The Saturday that the clearing took place, we felt Jenny working her healing energy on us, and my husband remarked that he felt very good. The energy in the house felt welcoming and we relaxed just sitting for quite a while. It was a lot stronger energy than I had felt with the 2 Aboriginal women working together, so Jenny really does have a miraculous gift. Since this healing we have felt so much more positive about the house and other aspects of our life. ~~~~~ Jenny with her caring and compassionate nature has closed a door on the negative energy in this house and opened a door to a much more positive and connected life for us both. We highly recommend Jenny! Love, V and G.” ~ QLD, Australia ~~ remote house clearing and healing ~ September 2020

“I can very easily say that Jenny has brought so much peace of mind and calm to our lives. In March 2019, we moved east of Melbourne, when prior we had been living in a small apartment in the inner-city. We did this for a ‘tree change’ and thought we would finally feel less frazzled than we did living in the city but unfortunately we moved into a house with plenty of history and some very interesting energy that made us feel uneasy to say the least, but we loved the home and wanted to try and do what we could to lighten the energy and make it feel like a good place to live. ~~~~~ After a short while I knew we needed some help to cleanse or move on whatever it was within or around the home and I did an online search and found Jenny. I knew straight away that I needed to contact her and we organised a time for her to do a cleanse on the house, the surrounds and ourselves. ~~~~~ It has been a few months since the work, and our home now feels so peaceful and serene; no feelings of unease at night, and the cats aren’t acting strange like they did before. We also had to deal with the passing of two family members since our cleanses and I honestly think we had so much more strength to deal with this thanks to Jenny’s help as our home feels so comforting and peaceful now. ~~~~~ Jenny really cares about the people who come into her life seeking help. She provides so much information on her services as well as kind positive words on how to enrich your life and lift yourself to a higher vibration so that you can be more aware and make choices to live a happier, peaceful, protected life. I will no doubt use her services in the future and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who feels they need to ‘cleanse out the cobwebs’ so to speak.” ~ J.L. ~~ Ferntree Gully VIC~~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ October 2019.

“I had been looking for a spiritual healer for a long time now in my life. I always felt this need, this push of sorts to cleanse and protect myself spiritually and those I love of any negative energies and to realign, restore, renew and reenergise ourselves. I had read about a few spiritual healers but in the end, circled back to Jenny for this. I can honestly say after completing this wonderful and peaceful process, that her level of knowledge, passion, intuition and true care for the world to be healed is unlike other healers I have come across. She combines a variety of healing methods, connecting only with the highest beings of pure light and unconditional love. Know you are in safe hands with her. I can honestly say I have felt the biggest, positive, energetic shift in our home and lives. I highly recommend Jenny and wish for everyone to have this powerful yet gentle healing performed for themselves. I am so grateful to have connected with Jenny and look forward to working with her in the future, thank you :)” ~ J.L. ~ Lake Heights, NSW ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ May 2019

“Wow!!! The house clearing was amazing!!! I could tell when you were working on me, and I specifically felt negative energy around my head and heart chakra area being removed. That was great!!  I feel amazing!! Thank you so much!!!  I also wanted to tell you that when my son and I were in the backyard playing today I felt as if all of the weight of the world had been lifted from me and I felt sheer joy and freedom. I was twirling in circles blowing bubbles and laughing as my son was giggling running around catching them. I just knew that things would never be the same and that was a very good thing. I felt completely free and happy. And I knew my home was now a cheerful place to be. Thank you so much from my heart and soul. I deeply appreciate all that you’ve done for me, my family and our home. Your service is incredibly thorough and high frequency. You and what you do are amazing. You are a blessing to the world.”  🌈💜🧚🏼‍🌠😊💞 ~~ S.S. ~~ Daytona Beach, Florida, USA ~~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ January 2019

Things I’ve noticed:

Top of house smells like herbs, except for mum and dad’s room which feels oddly soothing.

Bottom of house smells like sponge cake.

Even though we cleaned the house, it feels even fresher than when we cleaned the house.

Thanks for the clearing.

From Hayley

~ B.E.’s daughter, aged 9 ~ Albany Creek QLD ~~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ August 2018

“Thank you so, so much Jenny! Up until the clearing I had tried everything and nothing worked…I came across Jenny and I thought, I have nothing to lose! And I am so very glad I did!! Jenny was amazing and so helpful answering my several emails leading up to the clearing and mini healing session… In the next few days following the clearing I started to feel so much better and I’m finally sleeping again. The report is excellent too giving you an outline on what was present and things to do moving forward. I highly recommend Jenny! This will be a yearly thing I will continue to do”. ~~SS ~~ Springfield Lakes, QLD ~~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ July 2018

“Jenny, I have been meaning to tell you how much better it’s been here since you did the clearing in early April this year. In the report, you mentioned a murder. I just wanted to let you know that I had been doing readings for a missing person for the family and the investigator on the case. It really haunted me but your clearing helped me to release it. She had been missing since 2015. Last week, her remains were found and second-degree murder charges were laid on a man. I really believe you helped her cross over, and helped me to let go, and her family to let go, allowing the energy to move and flow. It was all stuck before. I just wanted to thank you. You have really helped me and my family and my clients.” ~~KK~~Alberta, Canada ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ June 2018

“I first heard about Jenny when my girlfriend (now wife) was trying to do some work on her unit so she could sell it.  The market was very down and nothing was shifting property-wise. ~~~~~ One day I walked into the house and noticed that everything seemed different. The space seemed clearer and calmer.  The best way I can describe it is that it was similar to when you go to an optician for an eye test and they put a different lens on and everything seems sharper.  Anyway, my wife told me that she had found Jenny on the web and she had done some spiritual clearing a few days before which had moved on some lost souls and negative entities from the place.  She sold the place shortly afterwards. ~~~~~ Since then, we use Jenny regularly when we need some help especially if we are having issues around the house! ~MA&BA ~ Perth ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ March 2018

“I contacted Jenny after seeing her car driving around my local area with her logo on it and wanted to know more about Healing Places. We had been going through a very stressful experience at the time with a builder involved with the renovation of our home. After two years of issues and delays we changed builders and I asked Jenny to clear the home of all the negative energy before the renovations continued with the new builder. Jenny also cleared the home we were living in and did some personal healings for myself and my family. Jenny also blessed the building process and I am thrilled to say that even after only a few short weeks, the whole experience has turned around and our home is now in the wonderful hands of a builder we have confidence in who genuinely respects us and our home. We have been sleeping better and are not burdened with worry and stress but rather excited about the process. I believe it was divine intervention that Jenny drove past me that day and speaking to her on the phone I instantly felt a sense of calm. I love receiving the positive affirmations Jenny sends through and I am feeling more capable of ‘letting go’ and looking forward. ~ K.F. ~ Northern Beaches. ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ March 2018

“I recommend Jenny to everyone I know who is requiring a house clearing. I first contacted Jenny when a house we were attempting to purchase fell through under very strange circumstances. The house was over 700 years old and had a very dark history.  However, it had the location and the water rights to produce hydro power, which was very important to me and my family. Jenny cleared the house and the land and the purchase was successful. She then did a complete clearing and healing for me and my family, including the removal of some dark curses, and I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders. She then cleared the canal, which also had a very ugly history; and the steps toward water rights, operating rights and building rights were quickly achieved”. ~ B.B. France remote house clearing and family healing ~ December 2017

I’ve known Jenny and her amazing work for many years now.  She’s helped with clearings for all that are dear to me including myself, my home and my clinic many times over the years.  Passionate and easily approachable you can ask her anything before a clearing and she’ll happily oblige.  Love your work Jenny, thank you. ~ T.S. ~ Sydney NSW ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ September 2017

“Jenny you really are beautiful.  Thank you so much for your help. You and your husband are really so clever. I’m absolutely captivated by you and I’m very grateful for your help. 💜 I have been feeling a lot clearer since you did that beautiful healing work on the house and family.  My heart has opened up again and I’m feeling so much more compassion and having a lot more bursts of productive energy allowing me to take the action necessary to move to the next part of the journey. So, thanks so much for that.” ~ H.M. Melbourne VIC ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ August 2017

“Thank you so much for supporting me during my dark night of the soul in 2012. You truly lifted me in ways that were and are exquisitely heavenly!” ~ K.B. Adelaide S.A. ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ (from email received) February 2017

“Thank you so much for the healing!  I really appreciate all the time and effort you have put into the high dimensional healing you offer! As a healer — out of all of the healers I have worked with — you are the most professional, and even the most powerful! Thank you for helping Lightworkers and Starseeds heal, so we can all raise the vibration on the planet together. Rock on! You are the healer of healers! Every time you heal me and my son, I make a LOT of money, so I cycle it back to you!” — J’Tariah En Ra El ~ California, USA ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ June 2016

“I can’t actually thank you enough Jenny. Such difficult times are lightened so much by your compassion and healing light. You play such an important role in this world. So wonderful to have you in it.” ~ R.W. Perth, WA ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ May 2016

“Just wanted to let you know that since your clearing the house has been amazing. There has been nothing. Not. A. Thing. So, here I am, nearly a year later from the clearing, living in a beautiful, calm, amazing house where I burn white sage and candles and am a peace in the dark. I know that this year has been a great year of change for me and released us from any scariness in our house. Thanks so much Jenny. By the way, after the clearing you did in our investment property I finally got rid of some very bad tenants and now have a great new tenant who keeps saying it’s so peaceful and quiet there! Best wishes and Merry Christmas and thank you for you genuine and real work. I live in a very quiet, peaceful home that wasn’t that way before. I’m a believer, and I’ve seen the proof”. ~ S.B. Sydney ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ December 2015

“Hi Jenny, thanks so much for the cleansing of our house. I don’t know if am dreaming or what but I already feel a difference; let’s say fresh and clear! Thank you for your time and for sending a report so quickly. Your report is amazing and definitely we will start doing positive things for ourselves to boost our energy levels. Again Jenny, thank you so much!” ~ K.P. South Guildford WA ~ remote house clearing and family healing ~ May 2014

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