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I wrote the article below, called “How energy healing can help you to let go of fear and step into love” in August 2021 and it was published on the Natural Therapies Webpages.

How energy healing can help you let go of fear and step into love.

Fear is the opposite of love. To let go of fear and step into love, a few things need to happen and I will talk about this in detail below.

As humans, we are energy beings. If you look at a small part of our bodies through a microscope, at the atomic level we are vibrating. Your chair, your desk and the table are also vibrating, but at a slower level, so they appear solid. The vapour from your cup of coffee is vibrating at a faster level, as we can see it moving quickly.

Emotions, such as love and fear can be felt easily. You may remember walking into a room where there has been an argument between two people. ‘You can cut the air with a knife’, the saying goes. The air feels thick with anger.

Emotions have been measured; love obviously vibrates at a much higher level than fear, or hate, for example. So our aim, to heal, is to raise our vibration.

Energy healing helps raise our energy vibration, as we are healing at the energy level of the body, by helping you to let go of old baggage, old negative emotions, old outdated beliefs etc that no longer serve your best and highest good; and that you may be carrying around with you. Energy healing is very subtle, as it helps you to release the unwanted, and assists the body to heal itself, as we are all designed to do.

The law of vibration is in effect throughout the entire universe and in the universe there are no two things exactly the same. This is due to the fact that everything is vibrating at a slightly different rate. Considering the principles of the law of attraction; like is attracted to like, we can understand how vibrations are attracted to other vibrations of an identical frequency.

Your thoughts are also a form of energy with their own unique frequency and as your thoughts are sent out into the universe they gather energy vibrating at the identical frequency and bring to you circumstances and people who reside on the same frequency.

Read this again, slowly, to really take it in!

Your thoughts are a form of energy with their own unique frequency and as your thoughts are sent out into the universe they gather energy vibrating at the identical frequency and bring to you circumstances and people who reside on the same frequency.

So, what does this mean for you?

The higher the vibration the more positive the events or people you attract and; likewise, the lower the vibration more negative will be the people and events you attract.

This means it is important to raise your core vibration rate and in turn the words and thoughts you send out will be of a higher vibration. By understanding the law of vibration you can use it to your advantage.

A ‘scale’ of from 1 to 1000, (with 1000 being the highest) has been devised by David R. Hawkins in his book “Power vs Force.  He calls this the “Map of Consciousness”. 

Enlightened beings, such as the Dalai Lama, vibrate at over 700.  Joy, freedom, appreciation and gratitude vibrate at 540.  Love vibrates at 500, acceptance at 350, neutrality at 250 and courage at 200.

Lower down the scale; anger vibrates at 150, fear vibrates at 100, apathy at 50 and shame at 20. 

So, our goal is to raise our vibrations!

Many years ago, engineers and scientists collaborated to design, build and maintain a Global Coherence Monitoring System of sensors strategically located around the world detecting, monitoring and measuring fluctuations in the magnetic fields generated by the earth and in the ionosphere.

One of their findings is that researchers have found that when large numbers of humans respond to a global event with a common emotional feeling, the collective response, whether positive or negative, can affect the activity in the earth’s magnetic field and this has been measured!

In cases where the event evokes negative responses, this could be thought of as a planetary stress wave, and in cases where a positive wave is created, it could create a global coherence wave, or wave of compassion.

The largest change occurred during the attacks on the World Trade Centre in America on September 11, 2001. And 22,000 miles up in the atmosphere, space weather satellites monitoring the earth’s geomagnetic field also displayed a significant spike at the time of the September 11 attack and for several days thereafter, indicating the stress wave possibly caused by mass human emotion created modulations in the geomagnetic field.

This was followed by exactly the same sort of readings in 2004 when 300,000 people lost their lives in the tsunami which devastated Asia.

And again in 2010 during the rescue of the 33 miners in Chile.  Interestingly, this was the first outpouring of emotion celebrating life!

The correlation between the events and the readings was undeniable.

Subsequent studies by Princeton University have found that it appears to be the heart-based emotion of the world’s population during such events that seems to be influencing the magnetic fields of the Earth!

So, increasing our vibrations, and maintaining a state of being in love, compassion and gratitude can help us enormously to create a better life for ourselves. An energy healing works by assisting you to release all old negative emotions stored in your body, and to raise your vibrational frequencies.

Quantum science has proved that our very DNA is affected by positive thoughts and emotions. Energy healing works at this deep level and has a powerful effect on you.

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