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Space Clearing

We offer unique solutions for you by combining a house clearing and cleansing with personal spiritual and energy healing for you, your family or co-workers.

We also cleanse and clear business premises, schools and hospitals.

Specialising in house clearing and cleansing for your home or business

Energetically, everything that happens in a building leaves its imprint behind; in the building, the space and on the land.  This means all death, fear, rage, depression, trauma and any other negative energies or emotions previously released in the house are imprinted there. Repetitive actions and behaviours are deeply imprinted, and any events accompanied by strong emotions and trauma are the most strongly imprinted.

Everyone creates a varying amount of negativity on a daily basis, which leaves a residue in the building; in just the same way as everyday living creates dust that we need to clean up.

It’s also possible that your space can be affected by violence and trauma that occurred hundreds of years ago; or the building is situated on energy portals, or even on sacred land.

It’s also possible that your space can be affected by violence and trauma that occurred hundreds of years ago; or the building is situated on energy portals, or even on sacred land.

These could all be symptoms of how negative energy can affect your space. Buildings ‘hold’ negative energy until cleansing has been done. Even if you are moving into a newly built home, the negative energies of a previous dwelling can affect you; or there could even be problems within the land itself.

It’s preferable that all negative energy from prior occupants is cleared completely so that you have a ‘clean slate’; a safe, peaceful, loving and harmonious environment to live or work in.  This way you can continue on your life’s journey unhindered by others’ leftover stuff and create your very own beautiful space.

Our first step is to assess your space to find out what energies or entities are affecting your property. This can take some time and does carry some risk. Everyone living or working in the space may also need to be cleared of entities.

We work to cleanse and clear negativity and negative entities, cross over lost souls and assist you to live and work in a serene and harmonious environment by bringing in beautiful sacred positive and loving energies from the Divine. In this way we create a beautifully peaceful, healthy and vibrant environment for you, which is very important for your general well-being.

After the house cleansing / clearing we will provide you with detailed report, and practical tools and techniques to keep your space cleared yourself going forward.

Over the many years we have been completing this work, clients have written back to tell us of the improvements in their health, their sleep and indeed, their life! Please check out our many testimonials.

long distance/remote clearing and healing

Things I’ve noticed:

Top of house smells like herbs, except for mum and dad’s room which feels oddly soothing.

Bottom of house smells like sponge cake.

Even though we cleaned the house, it feels even fresher than when we cleaned the house.

Thanks for the clearing.

From Hayley – aged 9 | August 2018

Albany Creek QLD

It is important to remember that your home or workspace is a reflection of who you are, the life you are living and the future you are creating. If your space is cluttered and filled with heavy energies, then this is the energy you sit in all day and send out into the world. So you need to cleanse it to bring it back into divine balance.

Jenny working on a home in Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast.

Our cost for a long distance/remote house or business clearing is AUD $250

This is a full service. It involves a long series of commands and invocations, and should always be used for a first time clearing. It covers every possibility as to what has occurred on the property going back to before a dwelling was ever built.

Please contact us for a quote if you would like us to visit you on the NSW Central Coast, letting us know where you live.

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