Our passion is replacing all negative energy with Creator’s Divine love

About Us

We cleanse and clear all lost souls, negative energy and entities from your home or work place and bring in Divine positive energies for peace and harmony

About Jenny Phare Healing Places

Hello and welcome to Healing Places. Jenny here. Healing Places is my business and I’m really passionate about this amazing work, and about guiding you to improve your life!  I work with the intention of inspiring you to awaken to your own Creator Spirit; your innate ability to heal and to become the person you were born to be.

While you will primarily be working with me as the facilitator of all the healing and clearing work and the administrator of my business, I may also engage the assistance of my husband, John.

house clearing and business clearing


Space Clearing

We have been performing space clearing for homes and business premises since 1998

remote spiritual and energy healing sessions


Spiritual and Energy Healing

Our spiritual and energy healing sessions are very powerful and unique!

j seals and implant removal services


J’Seals, unnatural seals and implants removal

J’Seals removal is fundamental to your healing in these current times


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Healing for Women Testimonials

July 1, 2023/

“Thanks for the wonderful healing experience, Jenny.  It has brought to light some of the areas in my life that have been weighing me down unnecessarily.  With your help and…


Frequently asked questions

Any living or work space, the land and your neighbourhood can be cleared; we also clear schools and hospitals.

Energy healing is very subtle, it helps you to release accumulated baggage, and assists the body to heal itself, as we are all designed to do.

Everyone on the planet has J-seals as we are born with them, and it is the most important session you can do to heal and prepare for ascension.

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