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“I’d like to update you on my progress after the 1 hour healing for women I had with you in April. I can clearly see the session is very subtle, but it’s working. I used to cry a lot in pain when I remembered what my mother had done to me, now I still feel very sad, but the intensity and level of pain no longer exists. I really appreciate your work.” 🙂 ~ Y.A. ~ Melbourne Victoria ~ 1 hour Healing for Women via remote/long distance ~ June 2019

“I initially contacted Jenny for a house clearing and cleansing four years ago. I was impressed by the level of accuracy that Jenny picked up on at that time about my energy levels. Afterwards my home felt like a much more positive space. Since this time, I have continued to use Jenny for cleansing for my home and once for work. Recently I received Jenny’s 1 hour healing for women, which I benefitted greatly from. I felt so much more energised. After a cleansing or healing, Jenny forwards tips and information of action that we can take in our daily lives. Jenny also emails affirmations and contemplations most days, which has helped me to think more positively and has developed my knowledge. I’m so glad that Jenny was recommended to me, as I have benefitted greatly from the services she provides. Needless to say that I also recommend Jenny! ~ L.R. ~ Sydney ~ 1 hour Healing for Women via remote/long distance ~ January 2018

“Thanks for the wonderful healing experience, Jenny.  It has brought to light some of the areas in my life that have been weighing me down unnecessarily.  With your help and guidance, I am now looking at things differently and feel so much lighter and happier, and I feel that the weight on my shoulders has been lifted! I highly recommend having a session with Jenny.” ~ S.P.~ Sydney NSW ~ 1 hour Healing for Women via remote/long distance ~ November 2011

“Thank you so much Jenny I feel refreshed and light.  It was a beautiful time and felt like 5 minutes but it was over an hour.  Wow!!!!  My son said; “Finally, you were on the phone forever; now take me to soccer; quick!”  I’m so glad I contacted you so many years ago.  ❤   I LOVE YOUR WORK Jenny, and we are blessed to have you in our lives.” ~ M.M ~ Melbourne VIC ~ 1 hour Healing for Women via remote/long distance ~ August 2015

“Thank you for the healing you gave me.  The insight you showed and the work you did gave me the best nights’ sleep I have had in a long time.  Thank you. A very grateful client.”  ~ B.S. ~ Sydney NSW ~ 1 hour Healing for Women via remote/long distance ~ February 2015

Thank you so much for supporting me during my dark night of the soul in 2012. You truly lifted me in ways that were and are exquisitely heavenly! Love and Light. ~ K.B. ~ Adelaide SA ~ 1 hour Healing for Women via remote/long distance ~ August 2012

“Thank you, Jenny, the healing was definitively powerful, needed and at the right time.  I’ve had a tired, yawning and sleepy 24 hours. Feeling good within, with a positive light deep inside.  This is an amazing gift for my birthday! I love 💖 your work, you are amazing. You always provide me with such positivity, drive and hope in my life and for the future.  I’ve been faced with another challenging issue today which I embraced and dealt with so much better than what I might have before. Your work really makes a difference to people’s lives, definitively mine.”  ~ M.M ~ Melbourne VIC ~ 1 hour Healing for Women via remote/long distance ~ August 2018

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