Ascension Healing Testimonials

“Jenny thank you so much for the recent healing last week.  It was just lovely and I have since had blissful nights’ sleep each night and woken feeling positive.  I feel lighter and like a weight has been lifted.  I also feel more peaceful and calm.  Thank you too for the email you sent right after the healing going into detail explaining what took place.  It’s really nice to have things explained so well.  I enjoy the contemplations you email as they always have a beautiful message and are often received just at the right time.” ~ H.W. ~Central Coast NSW~ November 2022

“Hi Jenny 😃 I felt tingling and buzzing in my crown chakra during the (last) session and feel lighter ✨️ wow, I feel what you picked up on really resonates and is accurate. Thank you for all you have done for me, I feel lighter and happier. I hardly get intrusive thoughts since the first session with you, and the heaviness in my chest went away. My vibration has been raised for sure. You are an angel on earth. Thank you so much!!!” ~ remote J’Seals, Unnatural Seals and Implants Removal + Healing for Women + Ascension Healing (over three-month period) ~ M.N. Seffner, Florida, USA ~ March 2023

“Jenny, thank you so much for your amazing healing session. Sorry if L and I didn’t say much at the end, we were and still are processing all of the beautiful work you did. We are already observing healing in our spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic bodies! We so value and appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail in supporting us on our spiritual and healing path. It’s so important right now. Thank you very much for your amazing gift!! Light and love to you. Xx” ~ F. & L. ~~ Newcastle, NSW, Australia ~~ remote 2020 Ascension one-hour personal healing ~ June 2020

“Thank you so much Jenny I feel refreshed and light.  It was a beautiful time and felt like 5 minutes but it was over an hour.  Wow!!!!  My son said; “Finally, you were on the phone forever; now take me to soccer; quick!”  I’m so glad I contacted you so many years ago.  ❤   I LOVE YOUR WORK Jenny, and we are blessed to have you in our lives.” ~ M.M. ~ Melbourne VIC ~ 1-hour Ascension Healing session ~ long distance/remote ~ August 2015

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