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Jenny's Story:

I grew up in an old house and when I was small I regularly heard something walking slowly and heavily down the long hallway to my bedroom at night, where it would stop outside my door. I would hide under the covers, cowering in fear. When I called my dad and mum they would come but find nothing there. Once, I had a friend over and they heard it too, and I began to realise then that it must be a ghost.

We moved house when I was older and my parents then told me the man who used to live in our old house had hung himself in a small room next to mine. I believe those footsteps I heard as a child were his heavy weary tread just before he did the deed, and that he was reliving this experience over and over again as a’ lost soul’ or ghost. For most of my life after that I was very interested in reading books about ghosts, fantasy and Science Fiction.

When I started my personal journey in 1994, at the age of 44, I became interested in the body’s energy systems, meditation, natural therapies, and the meaning of life and the universe; and delved into all sorts of books about these vast subjects. In the late 90’s and early 0’s I completed 4 and a half years of study in these areas. I began clearing houses of negative energy and ghosts with a friend in the late 90s

In 2001 I met John, (this is the third marriage for both of us) and after he had completed a 1 year course in Metaphysics, we started doing the work together. Wendy joined the group soon after and for some years we worked as a threesome. Then in 2009, I read a book on Theta Healing, and decide to learn this modality as well by completing a number of their courses. I now combine my knowledge of these varied healing modalities, together with my vast reading knowledge and many other studies and workshops, to clear houses, the land and the people living there of negative energy.

I also love working one-on-one with clients to help them release negative emotions to be able to evolve to be the very best that they can be. I have experienced a number of very traumatic events in my life, which helps me to understand and empathise with others who may be going through difficult times. I am still in the process of healing old wounds, and realise that this can be an ongoing experience, although I have come a long way since 1994!

In 2015 John and I had an extended holiday in Europe.  During that time we joined a sacred site tour group in the southern area of France.  Together with the group we explored the divine feminine and worked on this connection, and opening our hearts.  We so enjoyed this experience that we continued this pilgrimage for the rest of our trip.

I understand that the beliefs we take on in our various incarnations and ancestrally carry over into our current life and are embedded in our very DNA.  Science has proved this. I believe that we are a soul first, having an experience in a human body; that we are all interconnected or ONE, and we are all Divine. I believe humanity is evolving at a very fast rate right now as we all slowly come to this realization.


I know in my heart that I am a light worker, mentor and a way-shower, and I endeavour to shine the light wherever I go. I enjoy and I am grateful to be of service to as many as possible.

I attended the Cosmic Consciousness Conference in Uluru in January of 2020. Now that we are smack bang in the middle of the Shift of the Ages, it’s imperative to release as much as possible from the past – including from our past lives and our ancestral lineage and blood lines.

My new ascension healing, launched in 2020 covers this, as we also need to be open to receive all the new energies, frequencies and encodements streaming in now from the Source of all Creation.


Jenny’s Qualifications

  • Zoeros “The Turning Point”
  • Zoeros – “Mastery and Service”
  • Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology – “Advanced Parapsychology – The Higher Self Connection” – energy healing (2 years)
  • Chiara College – “Metaphysics” (1 year)
  • Chiara College – “Spiritual Healing” (1 year)
  • Doreen Virtue “Angel Intuitive”
  • Theta Healing – Basic
  • Theta Healing – Advanced
  • Theta Healing – Intuitive Anatomy
  • Theta Healing – DNA3
  • J-Seals and unnatural seals and implants removal
  • Feng Shui Basic
  • Feng Shui for the mind
  • Gentle Passings – pre-death guidance – Anara Solray
  • Mastering the Art of Manifestation – Fatima Bacot
  • Daily meditation practitioner 30 years
  • Leader weekly meditation group for 9 years
  • Life!

Johns Story:

John was born in England and at an early age contracted bronchitis. He remembers being in a darkened room with people ‘praying’ over him. As he found out later they weren’t praying but sending healing from the spirit world. While he was growing up John experienced several déjà vu episodes which he dismissed at the time.

John’s father was a medium for over 40 years, channelling various people who had passed over. After migrating to New Zealand when John was 13, he then became a spiritual minister and practised for over 20 years. John was invited to attend his father’s church a few times and reluctantly attended. Each time John received ‘messages’ from the spirit world which he chose to explain as ‘hokum’.

At fifty John decided that perhaps there was something to all this spirit stuff after all and at that time met Jenny. With Jenny’s encouragement John attended a one-year Metaphysics course and was particularly drawn to spirit cleansing. John ‘senses’ the presence of energy in the buildings that he visits. This may be felt as a hot or cold feeling or a pressure in the area around him, or in his body.

John’s qualifications

  • Chiara College – “Metaphysics” (1 year)
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About Jenny Phare Healing Places

I love working one-on-one with clients to help them release negative emotions to be able to evolve to be the very best that they can be.

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