Space clearing creates a calm and harmonious environment in your home!

As you may have many questions about our space clearing for home or business, or our energy and spiritual healing, including remote work, please, see below.

I wrote two articles; both called “House Clearing Q and A.” The first was published on the Natural Therapies Webpages in 2016; the second was published on Straight Up PR webpage in 2021. A combination of both articles is reprinted below:

I’ve always had an interest in ghosts since I was a child in the 50s. We lived in a haunted house and I would regularly be terrified by footsteps that would tread heavily all the way down the long hall to my bedroom door, then stop. I’d scream for my parents but they said they never saw anything. When I was older, they told me the man who lived in our house before us had hung himself in a little room adjacent to mine.

I had an epiphany in 1993, became spiritually aware, and started on my journey.


Zoeros “The Turning Point”

Zoeros – “Mastery and Service”

Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology (AAAP) – “Advanced Parapsychology – The Higher Self Connection” (2 years)

Chiara College – “Metaphysics” (1 year)

Chiara College – “Spiritual Healing” (1 year)

Doreen Virtue – “Angel Intuitive”

Denise Linn – ‘Space Clearing’

Theta Healing – Basic

Theta Healing – Advanced

Theta Healing – Intuitive Anatomy

Theta Healing – DNA3

Feng Shui Basic

J-Seals and unnatural seals and implants removal

During the Chiara College and AAAP courses we completed extensive house and business clearings in groups with teachers and students, sometimes up to eighty of us. I really enjoyed these experiences.

I’ve been practicing Spiritual and Energy healing and Spiritual and Energy House Clearing since 1998. My processes have ‘evolved’ over the many years into what it is today. And still I’m guided almost daily to make more changes; especially during these challenging times.

We work by connecting to the Creator-of-all-that-is or Universe or source, so it is not religious based, but spiritual and therefore encompasses all religions. We facilitate the work by using divine white light or energy from the Universe or Source, so we don’t use any equipment as such.

Any living or work space and the land is cleared. The energy from any previous dwellings is also cleansed and cleared. If your space is within a building, then the whole building is cleared. We also clear schools and hospitals.

A remote/long distance clearing takes anything from an hour to an hour and a half; depending on what we find. The additional optional personal family healing session takes an additional 30 minutes.

They may light a candle and set positive intentions for the outcome, which I can help them with.

When we move into a home or business premises, we have no idea of the history, and this applies to the land, the whole building if you live in an apartment, and to previous dwellings built on the land.

Has there been violence, death, murder, abuse, a nasty divorce, addictions, illness or depression? These can all cause negative energies and emotions to run high which then permeates the actual structure of the building, the space and the land, often changing the ‘feel’ of the space.

This negative energy can especially be felt by young children and animals, and, depending on the severity, can also cause portals or dimensional tears. This can allow negative entities through from lower dimensions, which can then play havoc with people’s lives by exacerbating their negative feelings and emotions, making people scared or sick, have accidents or bring bad luck. Portals can also be opened by people practicing the dark arts, or even while mucking around with a Ouija board.

Some of the signs that you may have negative entities around are suddenly becoming irritable, angry, low in energy, sick, cynical or depressed, especially if this is not normal for you. Entities can also attach themselves to people and follow them around for years.

There may even be a ghost or lost soul who needs to be crossed over.

When a building is built on indigenous or spiritual ground, we need to ask permission of and make peace with the original owners.

Energy moves instantaneously to anywhere in the world with sacred intention. We work intuitively and with our guides. This is a very quiet and meditative process.

As healers we are accessing a deep, or ‘waking dream’ state which allows us to go outside time and space. Remote or long-distance clearing is a form of healing sent through time and space by our heart-based intention instantaneously which is then received and positively affects you.

Once connected with Spirit we can ‘feel’ and assess your space easily and at any time, as long as we have your permission. Nicola Tesla and quantum science have proven how this works.

On the day of the clearing, it truly doesn’t matter whether you are home or not. It is entirely up to you.

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